The ThinkWorkPlay promise is for you to experience hope, confidence, greater imagination, less fear, anxiety and stress for an improved performance and more fun on and off the course. Whether you're a Tour player or college golfer seeking answers to why you struggle to elevate your game or an amateur wanting more enjoyment out of golf, through a 3-step process, ThinkWorkPlay gives you the environment to unlock your potential so you think, work, play - differently on the golf course and in life.

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  • 01-what-is-twp
  • 04-freedom
  • 05-comfort-zone
  • 06-how-it-works
  • 07-tour-player
  • 09-improve
  • 10-winner
  • 11-preshot
  • 14-why-he-helps
  • 15-seperates-doug
  • 16-the-science
  • 17-consequences