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Doug Hodges PGA, Performance Coach & Mental/Emotional Game Mentor

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5gPlaying golf and being part of a successful corporate team have more in common than you might think. They both require commitment, trust, creativity, and imagination to achieve a set goal. ThinkWorkPlay offers corporate team-building events designed to encourage participants to unlock their potential so they perform at their best, regardless of the playing field.

The team-building events are highly interactive and use experiential training for individuals and corporate teams. With golf used as a learning medium, participants experience team-building activities to enhance productivity and interactive support. Previous golf experience is not necessary and, in fact, the novice golfer makes a significant contribution to the team's learning and growth.

The power of creativity and shared vulnerability give particpants trust, enhanced collaboration and and better communication skills. schedule

Do you want to play to your potential?

If you answer YES to ALL of the questions below, Coach Hodges, PGA, can help you to lower your stroke average and win more golf tournaments.

Would you like to:

  • be able to create the conditions needed to enter the zone?
  • increase the length of time you can stay in the zone?
  • return to the zone quickly after you have left it?

Most golfers have no idea when they will enter and play in the zone. It just shows up. When you work with Coach Hodges, you will learn the tools to be able to integrate your mental and emotional game so that entering the zone becomes a purposeful and intentional choice. 

Being a professional golfer is stressful and pressure-packed, but it can be enriching, empowering, invigorating, financially lucrative, and definitely fun!

If you're struggling to realize the success you know you can achieve, the ThinkWorkPlay 3-Step Process and the Tour Player is for you.

In order to ThinkWorkPlay, differently, you have to be willing to accept change. That can invoke fear, anxiety and self-doubt. And guess what? Those very real emotions are currently preventing you from experiencing your real potential on the golf course and in life.

When you hire Coach Hodges to work with you, he will help you pinpoint what’s preventing you from performing to your potential. Over a year, you will receive one-on-one mentoring, mental and emotional game coaching, bio-feedback tools to monitor how your mind, heart and body react and respond to training, and the ability to Take Your Game to a New Level.

Don't settle for the same old thing. Break out of that rut! You deserve to ThinkWorkPlay, differently! Realize the Benefits of Adopting the TWP Philosophy. 

Contact Coach Hodges today to return to the pro you once were or to perform and succeed to your professional potential.

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